Additional Information


  1. Everyone must have a fishing license if you plan on fishing on the charter.
  2. The charter begins at the time we scheduled and agreed upon. If you have extenuating circumstances and will be late, please call me and give me a "heads up" so I am not sitting at the boat ramp waiting. After 30 minutes without notification, the time is subtracted from your trip time.  
  3. Alcohol is permitted but intoxication is not. The river has its own dangers as is and intoxication will result in forfeiture of your trip for your safety as well as mine.
  4. No beverages in glass bottles, please. 
  5. Smoking is permitted, but please bring something to put your filters in. We do not litter in the river.
  6. No bug sprays, perfumes, etc. once you are on the boat. 
  7. If you cannot swim, please bring a life vest or let me know I will supply a vest to be worn the entire trip.
  8. All children under 12 must wear a life vest at all times. 
  9. All persons under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a guardian. 
  10. All children must be accompanied by an adult. I do not do charter trips without a parent/guardian present.


Parking at Nesbitt Park boat ramp is FREE, however, it is a public park so I do not recommend leaving any valuables in your car. 


I require $50 deposit to reserve a date/time. If this date/time needs to be changed and your trip is over 1 week away I will do my best to accommodate. Cancellations less than 1 week from scheduled trip will result in a lost deposit. 

  Cancellations due to weather and river conditions will be made at the discretion of Still Fishin' Charters LLC . I do value safety ahead of everything else, therefore, river levels above 6' and rising will result in a postponed trip. In the event of postponement/cancellation, trips will be rescheduled or refunded if we cannot agree upon a new date and time.  


With any guided trips there are some things that I cannot control. Changes in weather and river conditions can affect the bite. I will use everything in my arsenal to put you on fish but ultimately they have to be hungry enough to bite.