1. Fishing license (Everyone 16 years and older that intends to fish)
  2. Food, drinks, etc. (a cooler with ice can be provided upon request) -nothing in glass bottles
  3. Sunglasses, comfortable shoes, clothing for that day’s weather. Layers work best to combat changing conditions * No sandals or flip flops. Sneakers are your best and safest bet
  4. Bug spray and sunblock can be used but not on the boat. 
  5. Camera 
  6. Rain gear if it there is the potential for rain that day
  7. Payment for your trip is due at the ramp, before we leave if you have not pre-paid ahead of time. Cash only when paying that day please.

* There are no restrooms at the boat ramp. It is a lighted parking facility and a boat launch only

* All gear is provided by me unless you want to use your own. If you chose to use your own then it has to be up to river standards. ( acceptable fishing line 10lb test or higher and a medium or medium heavy action rod/reel combo)