Still Fishin’ Charters LLC offers a family oriented, guided fishing trip that utilizes the Susquehanna River out of Kingston, Pennsylvania to provide a fun filled fishing experience. I specialize in Channel Catfish trips simply because it is a fun and relaxing time on the water while fishing for one of the hardest fighting fish on the river. All trips will be out of Nesbitt Park located in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

An evening trip on the river is often very memorable. Growing up on this river I can tell you that fishing the river at night has an almost mystical feeling. The calmness of the water and the anticipation of the bite coming on will be worth every minute of it. 

While we wait for the bite, I would be happy to discuss fishing techniques and approaches or anything else you want to chat about. 

My goal is to give you a top notch trip by providing you with an excellent boat, a knowledgeable guide, and all the gear you need to try and catch  fish. 

With any guided trips there are some things that I cannot control. Changes in weather and river conditions can affect the bite. I will use everything in my arsenal to put you on fish but ultimately they have to be hungry enough to bite. 


  My name is Mike Fedorko from Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. I am a licensed Pennsylvania Fishing guide who has a love for fishing whether it be sharks in the ocean or pan fish in a pond. I have fished the Susquehanna River with my father since I could walk and now I would like to have you share the same experiences I had with you. I am certified in first aid and CPR and a vast amount of knowledge of the river. I have many hobbies outside of fishing such as hiking, mountain biking, weightlifting, and racing motorcycles. When I am not doing any of these things I will be either scouting the river or fishing with my family. Although I fish for pretty much anything, my favorite freshwater species are Muskie.  It takes patience and skill to get hooked up on one, but I like the challenge.